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Rev Keith Wolter is pleased to offer his services to the LGBTQ+ communities. As a gay man, Pastor Keith has ministered to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer couples and families for more than thirty-five years.

Gay Weddings

Dream Hawai’i weddings are offered on the beautiful islands of O’ahu, Maui, Kaua’i and the Big Island. Ceremonies on Lana’i and Molokai can also be arranged.

Lesbian Weddings

We will personalize your wedding ceremony to meet your greatest expectations. See below for more details and contact information.

Non-Binary Weddings
About Us
Pastor Keith Wolter

Pastor Keith has been officiating at weddings for over thirty-five years. He has performed both same-gender, other-gender, and a-gender weddings, commitment ceremonies and holy unions at a wide variety of locations, including, churches, backyards, mountains and the beach. He comes with a wealth of experience, insight and sensitivity to your specific needs, wants, and desires.

Keith is a gay Christian man who is an ordained pastor of a mainline, Protestant church on O’ahu, Hawai’i. Pastor Keith is able to minister to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed, Queer and A-sexual/Allied (LGBTQIA+) persons, couples and families coming from diverse faith traditions, whether specifically Christian, interfaith, religious, or secular. Pr Keith and the Wedding Consultant work with couples in preparing the marriage ceremony, planning the overall event, and selecting an appropriate venue.

To honor our host culture, Native Hawaiian, we do not indulge in “tourist Hawaiian,” but rather prefer to integrate traditional Native Hawaiian language that respects Hawai’i and its culture that has so graciously shared its aloha – its hospitality, blessing, and welcome with so many cultures, whether European, Asian, African, North or South American, Australian, or Pacific Islander.

We offer flexible liturgies for the wedding ceremony. We will work closely with couples in designing a personal and meaningful marriage ritual. Please contact us for options.


Various packages are offered, designed to make your time in Hawai’i pleasant, joyful and rewarding. Please contact us for options.


We offer locations primarily on O’ahu and Maui but can also arrange ceremonies on the other islands. Venues include hotels in Waikiki, wedding chapels at Ko’olina, beaches on the North Shore (O’ahu), beaches in Kihei, to scenic settings in Ka’anapali (Maui).

“Spontaneous” weddings on the beach are great - except for unexpected high tides, or even worse, unpleasant fines for not obtaining a beach site. So, it is best to work with our consultant & coordinator who has years of experience, helping you select the best site for your wedding, whether it is a beach, hotel or church. Our wedding coordinator has expertise regarding hotel and beach reservations, obtaining marriage licenses, travel to and from wedding sites, lodgings, hair-styling, food preparation and a fantastic wedding reception, too

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